18/01/2019  Cristina Branco & hr-Bigband: First concert online

If you missed Cristina Branco & hr-Bigband on stage or on hr2-kultur last night, here's the full recording of the show for you to watch and listen to:

Cristina Branco & hr-Bigband

18/01/2019  o-tone music at Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg

We're looking forward to seeing you at booth 1.2.17!

16/01/2019  Cristina Branco & hr-Bigband - Both concerts in Frankfurt sold out

An January 17 and 18, Cristina Branco will team up with pianst Mario Laginha and hr-Bigband to present selected songs from her repertoire in a very new style. Both shows at hr-Sendesaal are sold out; However, you'll be able to listen to the Jan 17 concert live on hr2-kultur or via YouTube stream, starting at 20:04.

Info & Livestream

11/01/2019  Krzysztof Kobyliński & Eric Truffaz tonight on WDR 3

Tune in: Tonight between 22:04 and midnight, radio station WDR 3 will broadcast Krzysztof Kobyliński & Erik Truffaz's concert at this year's Münster International Jazzfestival!


09/01/2019  Daniel Herskedal on BBC Radio 3

An early album preview on BBC Radio 3, listen here!
“A man who never fails to surprise me…the tuba is a big, heavy instrument but there’s a man who brings a real lightness of touch to the way that he approaches it and also to the way he arranges music as well” (Kevin LeGendre)

BBC Radio 3

09/01/2019  Kadri Voorand and Veronika Harcsa & Bálint Gyemant thrill audience at Jazz Festival Münster

BR-KLASSIK calls Kadri Voorand's and Veronika Harcsa & Bálint Gyémánt's gigs at Jazz Festival Münster "two of the most spectacular concerts" - read the full German review via the link below.

Tourdates Kadri Voorand  Duo w/ Mihkel Mälgand):
06.04.19 München - Jazzclub Unterfahrt
21.06.19 Gelsenkirchen - Nordsternturm
23.06.19 Billerbeck - Kolvenburg

Tourdates Veronika Harcsa & Bálint Gyémánt:
05.03.19 Kassel - Theaterstübchen
13.03.19 Berlin - Jazz Club A-Trane
13.04.19 Heppenheim - Kirche
13.06.19 Bremen - Sendesaal
15.06.19 München - Jazzclub Unterfahrt
18.08.19 Bad Elster - Jazztage



04/01/2019  Lira Music Magazine votes "Within a Dream" into their top 10 jazz albums of 2018

Our Swedish as rather abysmal but this much we understood:
"Within a Dream", the current album by Emil Brandqvist Trio, was voted one of the 10 best Swedish Jazz albums of 2018 by Swedish Music Magazin Lira. Finfin and tack!

Lira Music Magazine

04/01/2019  Veronika Harcsa & Bálint Gyémánt: New Video

Happy Single Release Day, Veronika Harcsa & Bálint Gyémánt! Here's they new video "San Francisco":

"San Francisco"

02/01/2019  o-tone music turns 20!

Dear friends, we wish you a very happy new year 2019 and hope that you successfully made it through the holidays.

To us, though, 2019 isn't just any year - it's the year o-tone music turns 20!
We're got a year's supply of party hats, many concerts in the making and exciting new albums to be released - We're looking forward to a successful anniversary year!

21/12/2018  o-tone music wishes you happy holidays

Dear friends, our o-tone music team would like to thank you for your successful cooperation in yet another year 2018 and wishes you Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a very happy new year!

14/12/2018  "Armupurjus" by Kadri Voorand Quartet is out today

Happy Release Day, Kadri Voorand! Today sees the release of her new Quartet album "Armupurjus" which was voted Best Jazz-Album in their home country of Estonia.

Tourdates (Duo w/ Mihkel Mälgand):
05.01.19 GER-Münster - Internationales Jazzfestival Münster
06.04.19 GER-München - Jazzclub Unterfahrt
11.04.19 CH-Lugano - Jazz Showcase, Swiss Radio
12.04.19 I-Mailand - Rosetum Jazz Festival
21.06.19 GER-Gelsenkirchen - Nordsternturm
23.06.19 GER-Billerbeck - Kolvenburg

Kadri Voorand

12/12/2018  Video: Ntjam Rosie at Jazz in Duketown Festival

In May, Ntjam Rosie and her band thrilled their audience at Jazz in Duketown Festival in 's-Hertogenbosch. Here's a compilation of songs they played that night:

Ntjam Rosie @ Jazz in Duketown

12/12/2018  New video by Fjarill

Due to the lack of snow, it's hard to get oneself into a wintery mood these days. Mulled wine and christmas cholocate sure help a little, but just not quite enough. But maybe this new Fjarill video will help. Just a little bit.

Upcoming dates:
13.12. Reinstorf - ONE WORLD Ostheide e.V. / Kulturzentrum
14.12. Bad Homburg - Speicher Bad Homburg
15.12. Wetzlar - Das Pianohaus KDH
21.12. Klanxbüll - Der Charlottenhof
22.12. Kiel - KulturForum Kiel
23.12. Bad Elster - König Albert Theater Bad Elster
25.12. Potsdam - Nikolaisaal Potsdam

"Midvinter" Video

07/12/2018  New video by Veronika Harcsa & Bálint Gyémánt

Check out this beautiful new Harcsa Veronika & Bálint Gyémánt Video!

"Shapeshifter" will be released Feb 1st on Traumton Records.
06.01.19 GER-Münster - Jazzfestival
05.03.19 GER-Kassel – Theaterstübchen
13.03.19 GER-Berlin – A-Trane
13.04.19 GER-Heppenheim - Forum Kultur, Duo
20.04.19 GB-London - Pheasantry Club
13.06.19 GER-Bremen – Sendesaal
15.06.19 GER-München – Unterfahrt#
27.06.19 HU-Budapest - Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
18.08.19 GER-Bad Elster – Jazztage

"Listen To Me Now" Video

05/12/2018  Fjarill's Stilla Tyd Tour starting tomorrow

Fjarill are about to embark on a Christmassy tour tomorrow:

06.12. Münster - Jovel
07.12. Hürth - Löhrerhof
09.12. Dresden - Dreikönigskirche
13.12. Reinstorf - Kulturzentrum
14.12. Bad Homburg - Speicher Bad Homburg
15.12. Wetzlar - Das Pianohaus KDH
21.12. Klanxbüll - Der Charlottenhof
22.12. Kiel - KulturForum Kiel
23.12. Bad Elster - Theater
25.12. Potsdam - Nikolaisaal Potsdam

Fjarill Homepage