Daniel Herskedal



Daniel Herskedal - tuba and bass trumpet
Bergmund Waal Skaslien - viola
Eyolf Dale - piano
Helge Andreas Norbakken - percussion

Booking Territory: GAS, BENELUX, France







Daniel Herskedal is a Norwegian instrumentalist and composer who has defied the conventions of the tuba. Instead he has pushed the boundaries both technically and sonically and created a spellbinding and mesmerising sound. Based in Copenhagen, Herskedal has performed with many different projects and bands throughout Europe including Django Bates, City Stories, Magic Pocket and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra but it wasn’t until 2011 when he released ‘Neck of the Woods’ with saxophonist Marius Neset that the world really took notice and pushed his name to the forefront as a world class soloist.


UK Press

 ‘Daniel Herskedal has established a reputation for radiant eloquence and flawless virtuosity… his broadening palette is becoming a very inviting one’ John Fordham, The Guardian

“…makes the tuba sound like a different instrument, exquisite in hushed tones and his vocalised sounds…evoke moonlit prairies…” Jazzwise

“This album grabbed me straight away…on this album it’s (the tuba’s) everything…it sounds like a voice at times…it is pretty incredible. It really grabbed me.” Alexander Bone, BBC Radio 3 Jazz on 3

“…whatever the instrument, here is a player and a composer who is reaching for something fresh…Pianist Eyolf Dale and percussionist Helge Andreas Norbakken add weight, and the excellent Trondheim Soloists string orchestra give the whole thing a beguiling, cinematic quality.” Cormac Larkin, Irish Times

“…genius…a hugely ambitious suite featuring a string orchestra from Trondheim, piano and percussion alongside the deep sonorities of Herskedal’s tuba and bass trumpet. The music fairly skitters along, with ‘I Am The Walrus’ strings timed to the rhythms of Steve Reich.” Phil Johnson, Independent on Sunday

“It’s a glorious sound, this…That man can do things with a tuba that’ll make your eyes pop out like organ stops. Sensational stuff…a wonderful combination of jazz and 21st century chamber music. I love it…superbly agile and feats of virtuosity I can hardly describe…” Stephen Duffy BBC Radio Scotland

“Sometimes, album titles tell all: sometimes they tell little or nothing. Slow Eastbound Train sits somewhere in between. Train? No obvious examples. Eastbound? Hmm. Slow? That pretty much describes the pace of much of the music on this album, by Norwegian musician and composer Daniel Herskedal. But none of these three words come close to describing the grace, inventiveness and beauty of this lovely recording.” All About Jazz

Press France

“Daniel Herskedal is a Norwegian musician and composer who defies the conventions of the tuba. He pushes the technical boundaries and creates a sound that is enchanting and mesmerizing.” Alex Dutilh “Open Jazz” France Musique

Press Germany/Austria/Switzerland

“Like clouds in the blue sommer sky, Herskedal’s pieces constantly change their form, and play with sound impressions and elegant meandering meolody lines.” Jazz-Tipp B5aktuell

“Daniel Herskedal grips with his tone, which sometimes sounds like soft flute playing and other times like spheric fanfare power… One can hear pelting rain showers, dancing snowflakes and swirling ground fog. Music like a surprising natural phenomenon.” Kulturtipp Switzerland

“The Norwegian plays a wonderful Tuba (and sometimes also a bass trumpet) and with the sonority of its tone he warms my heart nearly as much as the spring sun on the balcony.. here, a great talent is at work who one should keep an eye out for.” Westzeit

“..[Herskedal] spielt seit seiner Jugend Tuba. Und wie! Mit Herz statt nur mit Witz.. Schmatzend, atmend erhebt sich die verführerische Melodie aus der Tuba.. [und] die Basstrompete säuselt und singt, saugt den Hörer ein, die Reise kann beginnen.” DIE ZEIT

 “The Norwegian tuba player Daniel Herskedal can, without hesitation, be described as exceptional. Not only because he occupies a unique position in Jazz as one of very few tuba players, but because he is also the jazz tuba player, who is capable, with his technical and musical possibilities, of expanding the boundaries of the instrument.” CONCERTO (A) 5 *****



“A genuine triumph and a definite festival highlight” JAZZMAN (London Jazz Festival)

“He can make a tuba testify, yearn, lament, exult, or, as his listeners do, simply sigh with pleasure.” LONDON JAZZ NEWS (London Jazz Festival)

“Whether unaccompanied, as on the delightful “Minstrel Noir” or buoyed by strings on a sympathetic interpretation of Modest Mussorgsky’s “Bydlo” Herskedal’s inherently lyrical playing was never less than captivating.” ALL ABOUT JAZZ (Natazz)

“Captivated the audience with evocative genius…This was by far the strongest concert experience I have had so far this year. Can tuba be sexy? Yes, it can.” MUSIKKNYHETER (Natazz) 9/10 stars

“Daniel Herskedal is playing tuba like nobody else does. I must once again emphasize his sound. He utilizes all facets it has to offer. The register is huge, while his tenderness and musicality shines through.” FIRE FLATE (Molde Jazz)

“A concert to remember for a long time” ROMSDALS BUDSTIKKE 6/6 (Modle Jazz)





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